Kuusamo Nature Photo -festival 8.-11.9.2022. My presentation Suomaa 11.9. in Ruka Conference Centre at 9.30 am.

Whose nature? Joint exhibition. Exhibition tour locations:
Jyväskylä Art Museum 27.3.–16.5.2021
Kunsthalle Turku (Photographic Centre Peri), Turku 16.7.–29.8.2021
Nordic Photographic Centre, Oulu 4.9.–3.10.2021
Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku (Ostrobothnian Photography Centre POVA), Lapua

Kymi Libri Book Fair. Mika Honkalinna on stage on Saturday 24th July at 4 pm.

Author visit in Kasper hall of Hamina library 3 November 2020.

Autumn break week’s wildlife photo shows in Liminganlahti nature centre. Mika Honkalinna’s Talo metsässä photo show 20.10., 22.10. and 24.10.2020 in the auditorium of the nature centre and streamed online.

Other current events

Honkalinna shares his thoughts about his own nature connectedness in the book Metsän ovi ja muita kertomuksia. Read more.