Talo metsässä (a House in the woods)

According to an old joke, a Finn desires to live in a house in the city centre by the lake. How does life change when wildlife photographer and author moves with his family from a terraced house to a log house by a pond in the middle of the forest? What kind of observations does the nearby nature offer that starts from the house door? And what kind of nature connectedness would living in the forest instil in the kids?

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Docendo, 2020, 180 pages. 35 € (delivery included).

Lintumies (bird man)

Lintumies is a novel combining photos and fiction, a tragicomic story about a fundamentally good person tormented by his personal problems, a person who loved nature, birds and especially owls. It is a story about a rogue who went his own way and of whom anyone would find hard not to like. The book is about the sons of fathers and about the development of nature connectedness as a counterbalance to painful childhood memories. But it is also a book about friendship and being freed from the shadows of childhood. A warm-spirited and a liberating laughter spreads over the dark undertows during cheerful bird excursions.

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Docendo, 2019, 190 pages. 30 € (delivery included).

Honka (pine)

Pine is the most common tree species in Finnish forests and it grows in the entire country with the exception of the most outer rocky islets and northern bare fells. Houses and boats, cradles and coffins have been whittled of it. Pine has offered its inner bark to continue bread with and it has been burned to produce tar, distilled to make turpentine and boiled to manufacture chemical pulp. Pine is also a nesting tree, commercial timber and a source of nutrition, a national Finnish cultural icon and a symbol, an essential part of Finnish landscape and spirit. Honka is also a story of its author’s connectedness to the pine trees of his life.

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Maahenki, 2017, 160 pages. 26 € (delivery included).

Liminganlahti – lintuparatiisin kahdeksan vuodenaikaa (Liminganlahti – A Haven For Birds Through Eight Seasons)

The book tells a story of the magnificent natural plays in the most precious bird water area of Finland. The goose fields in the spring, the spring festival of colourful ducks, the tournaments of the ruffs, the masses of water birds in autumn and numerous other multi-faceted natural events are presented in the book during eight seasons.

Text: Ulla Matturi. Photos: Mika Honkalinna, Jari Peltomäki and Erkki Toppinen. Text: Finnish and English.

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Docendo, 2017, 144 pages. 24 € (delivery included).

Taigalunta – TAIGASNOW

Finland is located in the western border of the northern coniferous forest belt, Taiga. The year of a taiga forest includes a long, snowy winter that sets its requirements for the ones living there. But the snowy coniferous forest nature also offers an unforgettable atmosphere and sights for those enjoying the winter and its aesthetics. Texts have been created alongside the photos: poetic momentary descriptions, observations and feelings about the essence of snowy Taiga and its influence in our thoughts.

Text: Finnish and English.

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Docendo, 2015, 144 pages. 24 € (delivery included).

Korppiretki, KORPRESAN (raven excursion)

Korppiretki takes the reader to two raven excursions. In the first of the excursions, a bunch of guys spends a week in the forest aiming to ring young ravens. The second excursion is about the author’s own lifelong raven excursion mixed with childhood memories, the present day and thoughts about his own nature connectedness. The book paints a picture about once persecuted but at the same time very mystical, intelligent bird that has social skills rich in nuances.

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Maahenki, 2015, 184 pages. Sold out.

Swedish version Korpresan 31 € (delivery included).

Suuri pöllö (the great owl)

Suuri pöllö is a story about the coexistence of great birds of prey and men in the hinterland of Kymenlaakso towards Helsinki city centre. It shares the thoughts set by this interface. Also a documentary film Huuhkajan jäljillä (Mika Honkalinna, Mika Rokka) from 2014 is linked to the book.

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Self-published work, 2011, 160 pages. 21 € (delivery included).

Lumen aika (snow time)

Lumen aika is a story about the winter in the north and the winter’s light from Southern-Finland to the fells of Lapland. The photo book includes short descriptions and thoughts about life over the snowy winter time all the way from the autumnal snow to the breaking up of ice in spring.

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Self-published work, 2007, 176 pages. 16 € (delivery included).

Metsäpäiviä (Days in the Forest)

A young photographer’s stories and photos of the forests and their residents in his home region. The book also includes observations and thoughts about the change in landscape, its influence in the mind and the forest life.

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Self-published work, 2005, 144 pages. 16 € (delivery included). A few copies available.